IIM Calcutta To Host Mentorship Session On Entrepreneurship

IIM Calcutta, Discovery Channel will co-host mentorship session on entrepreneurship

New Delhi:

IIM Calcutta, in collaboration with Discovery Channel, will host a mentorship session on entrepreneurship. The session will be open for students across colleges in Kolkata. The session will be held on January 25, 2020.

The co-founders of Licious, a startup which was featured in the first season of Discovery Channel’s ‘India Startup Stories’ will be the guest speaker at the event. The session will also include screening of an episode from the series.

Talking about the importance of such interactions, Dr. Anju Seth, Director of IIM Calcutta said, “With the Indian startup ecosystem’s dynamic nature, it is essential for aspiring entrepreneurs to have solid guidance to assist their venturing into building their own businesses. This mentorship session aims to connect founders of successful businesses to budding entrepreneurs.”

Dean of Academic, Professor Bodhibrata Nag added, “We hope that this session serves as a great opportunity for the students to learn the nuances of running a business from the best in the Indian startup scene.”

Vivek Gupta and Abhay Hanjura, Co-founders of Licious, stated “The journey of entrepreneurship is fascinating in many different ways everyone goes through it differently, moving at their own paces and facing their own unique set of challenges. However, when you are in the business of building not just a brand but a whole new category, the journey can get more intriguing than one might imagine. Back in 2015, when we set up Licious, we found ourselves in a marketplace that has no prior experience or benchmarks about selling meat online! Five years later it’s truly heartening to be part of a session where we can share our story, talk about the challenges probably inspire some solutions. The start-up ecosystem in India has come a long way and it’s forum like this which are the true bedrock for next gen entrepreneurship in India.”

The twohour session will start with the speakers sharing their journey and learning, followed by the screening of their featured episode and a QA for the audience to engage with the mentors.

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